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laibach tv appearance

¬ on 23rd of june 1983, laibach gave an incriminated interview, dressed in military uniforms, to a slovenian (cultural and political) tv show called "tv tednik" (tv weekly). the host and director of the show was mr. jure pengov. this interview was one of the main reasons the group was banned soon after. recently, 15 years later, this very interview was on display at an exhibition in the modern gallery of ljubljana as one of the perfect examples of "body art and the performance culture".

pengov: so far you have been spreading your ideology, your ideological provocation in writing and on the rare public appearances. was your decision to acquaint some 600'000 to 700'000 members of the public with your ideology by appearing on tv in any way difficult?

laibach: appart from the educational system, television has the leading role in the formation of uniform opinions. the medium is centralised, with one "transmitter" and a number of "recievers", while communication between these is impossible. being aware of the manipulative capacities the media possess, laibach is exploiting the repressive power of media information. in the present case, it is the tv screen.

1985 - laibach: laibach (ropot/NSK recordings)
1987 - laibach: baptism (sub rosa subcd001-9)
1988 - laibach: let it be (mute recs.)
1993 - laibach: ljubljana - zagreb - beograd (mute recs.)
1996 - KREV: national anthem vol.1 (ash 3.3)
1999 - TNS: the thousand brightest suns foundation (catalog)

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