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1962: foundation of the USCO collective
1965: August: Andy Warhol shoots "outer + inner space" (using Norelco video equipment)
October: Nam June Paiks shoots his first videotape (with the Sony Portapack)
1966: Ronald Nameth films the Exploding Plastic Inevitable shows (in 16mm)
Michael Snow films Wavelength (in 16mm)
1969: May : the 5-hour event HPSCHD is shown at University of Illinois.
May: TV as a creative medium (Howard Wise galery, NY)
1973: Jean-Luc Godard s'installe à Grenoble, où il monte sa première chaîne de production vidéo, l'atelier Sonimage. Il y tournera Comment ça va? (1975) et 6 fois 2 (1976).

video installations:

Cage/Nameth: HPSCHD (1969)
Gillette/Schneider: Wipe Cycle (1969)
Don Hallock: Videola (1973)
Allan Kaprow: Hello
Les Levine: Iris/Contact (1968/69)
Nam June Paik: various articles
Nam June Paik: Cathode Karma
Aldo Tambellini: Black Projects

Tom DeWitt: OFFON/The Leap
Bill Gwin: Irwing Bridge/Sweet Verticality
Ronald Nameth: exploding plastic inevitable (1966)
Michael Snow: Wavelength (1966)
John Stehura: Cybernetik 5.3 (1969)

video syntesizers:
Stephen Beck: non-optical synth
Tom DeWitt: the design device
Warner Jepson: audio-video
Eric Siegel: psychedelevision
Paik-Abe: video synthesizer

experimental television centers:
KQED (San Francisco, 1967) => NCET (1969)
WGBH (Boston, 1967)
WNET (New York)

Gene Youngblood: Toward Cosmic Consciousness

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